Awnings are available in varying shapes and styles, and awnings can come in any number of patterns, color, or size, so take your time when choosing what' the best awning that best fits your home and preferences.

Here are the basic awning types:

Stationary: A stationary awning is installed on the outside of the home and is made sturdy and should never be moved after properly installed. The awning must be built to exact size of the window or whatever area it covers so be sure to choose a reputable professional like Rightway Awnings from Queens New York, we serve Brooklyn, Long Island and all other areas of New York.
PORTABLE: A portal awning will be transportable and should take minutes or an hour at most to set up. A portable awning is used many times with an RV or campers. They are usually freestanding in nature meaning they don't need to be hooked up against a support system like a wall. A portable awning should be installed with trajectory against the rising and setting sun.

Retractable: A retractable awning is most popular these days for homes out on decks, porches, patios, and the like. These awnings come with lateral arms that allow them to close and open extending across the space shade is needed. Retractable awnings come with a pole that will be used to open and close the awning. Usually when the wind is bad or snow is coming a retractable awning will be closed to it doesn't break. For this reason a retractable awning isn't the best choice for year round shade, in New York most home owners will use their retractable awning during the summer and fall most, and keep it covered during winter or bad storms in the spring. Newer retractable awnings come with heavy duty sunbrella fabric which helps against weather resistance.

Motorized: A motorized electric awning is a modern type of retractable awning that has a motor on it to retract on command. No need for manual straining and the newest technology comes with wind sensors to automatically retract open and closed when the weather is bad.

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TYPES OF AWNINGS: Windows, Doors, carports, decks, porches & patios

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Different types of awning material:

​Aluminum: Aluminum awnings are made out of aluminum metal, they are highly durable and last a lifetime. These are the best option if you want to save money over more fancy materials. Aluminum awnings are require little to no maintenance and are the most affordable option of any awning. An aluminum awning for a door can cost $500-$750. An entire patio, porch, or deck can be $1000-$2500. And finally a carport aluminum awning will be $2500 and up.

Plexiglass/Lexan/Zorox: These are the tinted or clear awnings and are made out of unbreakable polycarbonated plastic. They look a lot like glass and allow the sun to come through. The tinted version blocks about 70% of the sun so it works great for shade, and the clear version blocks about 30% of the sun. Flexiglass awnings are more expensive then aluminum awnings and are fancier, increasing a homes value and looks better.

Pricing: A plexiglass door awning will run $600-$950, for entire porches $1500-$3500, and carports $3500 and up.

Fabric Awning: A fabric awning is made out of canvas or cloth, these days Sunbrella fabric is the industry standard and is highly weather resistant. Canvas is much more durable then older types of fabric like cloth, it allows the fabric to breathe so that water can quickly dry off and bounce off. Fabric awnings can come as manual retractable or motorized.

A retractable awning will be priced around $1500 to cover a patio or deck. A stationary door fabric awning will run around $1250 and a large deck motorized awning will run $3000 or more.

With there being so many different types of awnings it can be hard to choose what's best for you and your home. The sun can be overwhelming at times and it's great to cool off under. There are many ways in which awnings keep you cool and dry during the summer and fall months, and with all the colors available, you can add curb appeal while saving money on energy cost. According to the picture below studies on average estimate energy savings of 25% to as high as 50% if the right awnings are added to the right places in your home. For a minute think about where the hottest areas of your home are and which windows that heat is coming in from, that is most likely the best place for your new awning.

From simple rigid awnings to porch or patio aluminum and plexiglass awnings to retractable models, awnings come in many different variety of shapes, sizes and materials. While typical awnings were made from material like wood, metal or fabric cotton canvas, the newer modern awnings are often feature more durable materials that require significantly less maintenance.

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Awning Types:

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Awnings can save you on your energy bills, BIG TIME! Adding a simple porch or patio awning to the front of back of your home can save you 10% on your energy cost! Overtime that's sure to add up!

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